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    MARK GLEASON: Bering Sea Crabbers, clarifies statements about Magnuson Reauthorization
    SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Letters] -- May 14, 2014 -- Several points made in a recent Seattle Times article titled “Update of fisheries law pits West Coast against East Coast” may have been taken out of context and I wish to set the record straight to the extent that’s possible.
    MEGHAN LAPP: Arbitrary regulation brutalizes the fishing industry
    May 13, 2013 -- To require fish stocks to rebuild within a fixed timeframe of 10 years, while the target they must reach is itself unfixed, not to mention uncertain, is unrealistic. In plain language, the MSA as it is written today mandates that stock projections hit a moving target that cannot be defined within a defined period.
    MICHAEL CROCKER: Saving Striped Bass
    MONTAUK, N.Y. -- May 10, 2014 -- But with the striped bass population in decline, competition for the prized catch has intensified between recreational and commercial fishermen, setting up a showdown over a fishery that generates, according to one study, several billion dollars a year.
    THE SALEM NEWS: Putting the squeeze on recreational fishing
    May 13, 2014 -- This year, new restrictions are going into place per order of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which oversees fisheries. The new rules place various limitation on the fish caught by recreational fishermen who head out on deep-sea fishing trips.
    NILS STOLPE: Of gumballs, the American Sportfishing Association and fisheries management
    FishNet USA -- May 9, 2014 -- To equate what a recreational fisherman pays to catch a fish to what a commercial fisherman is paid to catch that same fish is to equate the total cost an equestrian pays to ride her horse for a mile to what Amtrak would charge to move her the same distance on a train.
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GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES: 'Punitive' fishing closures, changes must be challenged

October 26, 2014 -- In April 2013, John Bullard, NOAA’s chief northeast regional administrator, first imposed Draconian cuts of up to 78 percent in fishermen’s allowable landings of cod and other groundfish species. And at the time, he called it the fishing industry’s and fishing communities’ “day of reckoning” over stock declines.