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    DAVID MILIBAND: The UN's New York climate summit is guilty of a major sin of omission
    September 22, 2014 -- Alarming current rates of ocean acidification, unprecedented in 300 million years, are directly caused by that fact that it takes in 4 kg of CO2 per day per person on the planet. It is therefore right that the overriding goal of negotiations must be to reduce carbon emissions as much, as rapidly and as equitably as possible.  This includes taking urgent steps to reverse ocean decline.
    TOM ADAMS: Something FISHY in the Gulf
    September 12, 2014 -- We can now ALL see that NOAA / NMFS has artificially set seasons  going against their own data. It seems that our fisheries managers in the Gulf are doing this to force their own agenda,  (EDF backed) pushing Sector Separation and Recreational Catch shares-IFQ’s on the recreational fishermen.
    JOHN HATHAWAY: New companies were never barred from Maine Lobster MSC Client group
    SEAFOODNEWS.COM [Letters] -- Sept. 11, 2014 -- "Why the do over?": You are exactly right, the "fishery has not changed" and the "area of certification is the same". In fact, there is no need for the "do over". However, MSC does allow other groups to gain certification for an identical fishery as you later point out. Its a choice.
    JOHN SACKTON: MSC certification system imposes $100,000 tax on Maine Lobster Industry
    SEAFOODNEWS.COM -- September 10, 2014 -- This week a curious news item came across our desk.  The Maine Lobster industry was applying for Marine Stewardship council certification as a sustainable fishery.
    PETER SHELLEY: "Known is a drop. Unknown is an ocean."
    September 8, 2014 -- That still-true ancient line, penned by Tamil poet Avvaiyar some two thousand years ago, reminds us all that while it is worth paying attention to what we see, it is often critical not to be seduced by our convictions about what it means. And so it is that recent reports from the Portland waterfront of bountiful cod can neither be ignored nor fully credited.
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BOSTON GLOBE: Global effort required to stem illegal fishing problem

March 23, 2015 -- The rules are a good first step, but illegal fishing is a global problem that requires a multinational approach to solve it. The government needs to work with other major fish importers worldwide to ensure that fishermen with contraband cargo can’t unload their wares.