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    FAO's Food Security group endorses higher seafood consumption among pregnant women, children
    October 21, 2014 -- The FAO's Committee on World Food Security elected to prioritize higher fish consumption among its key dietary recommendations for pregnant women and young children, the latest contribution in a movement to promote seafood as a key part of a healthy diet.
    Massachusetts Schools Strive to Serve More Fresh Seafood
    October 21, 2014 -- Cafeteria lunches, to some, have never looked so good.

    The Manchester Essex Regional School District has recently joined Gloucester High School in its efforts to serve fresh seafood regularly, and the students are on board.
    Eating Fish Could Help Antidepressants Work
    October 20, 2014 -- Past research has said that up to 42 percent of all treated cases of depression do not respond to antidepressants, although it has remained largely unclear why. Now researchers have found that diet can impact how a patient responds to their medication, where fish consumption can help.
    How To Cook Fish (really!): A Chat with Oceana’s Ben Pollinger
    October 13, 2014 -- Alaskan Coho salmon burgers and roasted monkfish steaks are mainstays of power lunches at Oceana, the upscale, marble-bedecked New York seafood shrine adjacent to iconic Rockefeller Center.
    Cooking with green crabs
    October 8, 2014 -- The good news here is that for pennies we have an almost infinite local source for making crab risotto, etouffee, gumbo, soupe de poisson, cioppino, and bouillabaisse, any number of wonderful fish dishes made especially delicious with local crab stock at a cost of almost nothing. More good news: the crab risotto you serve your family does the ocean a world of good. 

    The bad news is that the source of all this goodness — green crabs, Carcinus maenas — are an invasive species that threaten, possibly on one hand’s number of years, to destroy shellfish beds from Cape Ann to Canada. No more white cardboard boxes brimming with fried clams. No more plump steamers bathed in butter. No more wild mussels shining in white wine, parsley, and garlic.
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GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES: Don't be fooled by NOAA's latest grant allocation

October 21, 2014 -- Look, It’s time our federal lawmakers tackled this issue — and NOAA’s budgeted revenues — head on.

That means ensuring that a far greater share of this money — dedicated to the fishing industry, not the federal government’s grotesque management of it — is headed this way.