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NOAA releases Summit Attendees list; responds to criticisms of the inclusion of NGOs
NOAA has released the list of attendees for the 2010 NOAA National Enforcement Summit to be held at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza at 14th &  K Streets, NW in Washington, DC on August 3rd.

The invited attendees include representatives of Non-Government Organizations which has raised concern among some in industry, and elsewhere, who do not believe that groups or individuals who have not been targets of NOAA enforcement actions should have been included.   NOAA responded that it was their aim to "convene a broad array of stakeholders and experts" and noted that "NGOS are an important constituent group who deserve a voice."

The complete text of NOAA's response to Saving Seafood follows:

"NOAA's National Enforcement Summit is designed to convene a broad array of stakeholders and experts to assist NOAA's leadership in improving compliance with regulations and developing forward looking strategies to advance its enforcement programs. The goals/objectives of the Summit are national in scope and impact all areas of the country. NGOs are stakeholders who have a concern about how NOAA enforces statutes relating to marine mammals, endangered species, sanctuaries, fisheries, etc. NGOs hold NOAA accountable for protection of the resource and, therefore, may have opinions that differ from other stakeholders on how NOAA should set its national and regional enforcement priorities. NGOs are an important constituent group who deserve a voice at this Summit and their participation will help NOAA, and the many other stakeholder groups and interested parties, generate new ideas and programs in order to meet the agency's objectives."

The list of attendees is available online along with relevant documents and other information pertaining to the summit.

See the list of attendees

Visit the summit website

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