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VIDEO: Oceana / Greenpeace / Birdlife International on Overfishing
July 3, 2012 -- Here’s a great video that came out of this partnership that clearly explains the scale of the overfishing problem. It was made by Ocean2012 and we signed onto it along with Greenpeace and Birdlife International.

As part of our policy work on reforming the Common Fisheries Policy, Oceana often teams up with other NGOs in the area so as to maximize our influence on decision makers in Brussels and the EU. 

Watch the video on Oceana.org 



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GLOUCESTER DAILY TIMES: 'Punitive' fishing closures, changes must be challenged

October 26, 2014 -- In April 2013, John Bullard, NOAA’s chief northeast regional administrator, first imposed Draconian cuts of up to 78 percent in fishermen’s allowable landings of cod and other groundfish species. And at the time, he called it the fishing industry’s and fishing communities’ “day of reckoning” over stock declines.